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SSS is a shop game where we use a currency called "SSS" (Small Sharp Stones) as money. It is similar to many other shop-games, but it has better, more advanced stuff, and many people—over 50 right now—play it!

If you are new to SSS, then you'd better check out the What is SSS? page. Also see the SSS website.

The Name: SSS

The name comes from the original game, where the purpose was to collect small sharp stones. At first, the symbol was three dollar signs, but that was changed to the current one more recently. The current symbol consists of a line with a triangle at one end drawn over the price. On computers, the symbol "ᐁ" can be used instead. 

How SSS started 

Main article: History of SSS

SSS was first started by a nine-year-old named Lavanya. It was originally a game of collecting certain types of stones. Soon, however, people began to trade stones for services, such as getting a stone sharpened. This slowly morphed into trading other things. But as stones were the currency, people would just pick up stones, rather than using the stones they had actually earned. This led to the creation of notes. And the rest, as they say, is history...

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