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26/11 is the term used to refer to the ban of SSS notes on theCFL campus (by the teachers), which had been an SSS hub during the Big Boom of late 2014. 

The Problems []

There were many factors that led to the ban. Here is a short list of the core reasons.

  • People charging for uses other than what SSS was meant for, such as washing plates or lending books. This was having an adverse effect as most of these things would normally have been done for free.
  • Theft and forgery of SSS notes, though this would probably have reduced if Cheetabank's plans to introduce adequate money into circulation had been successful.
  • Food: earlier, people would bring in something to share with others. But this reduced as people were reluctant to just give away food while they could get paid for it.
  • A few people were getting too overworked due to the sheer number of orders. 

The Decision []

The decision to ban SSS notes on campus was made in an open forum, a space where the whole community (teachers and students) get together to discuss some aspect of life in CFL or to find solutions to problems.

While the banning of notes cleared off all the trouble makers, it also left a few genuine SSS-ians stranded, as they had been dependent on CFL as a place where they could trade their products. It also caused many shops to shut down and their owners to leave SSS altogether. However, there were a substantial number who chose to stay on. They now trade off campus or use alternate payment methods such as cheque orCheetacard.

List of Shops That Stayed On []

Celeste - run by Manasa, it was among the first few shops to start in CFL and is doing well.

Cheetaplaza - the shop had gotten along for a long time without CFL and continues to do so. 

Creative Cookie - the envelope shop has remained fairly dormant but is still run by Deesha.

Kaja Cafe - although it claims to be open, the owner, Amogh, has not been in contact with SSS for some time.

Spectra - Dyuti's shop has seen very little activity but some amount nevertheless.

Terrific - sales have been low for this collab shop, threatening to shut it down.

Threadworks - this shop, which specializes in needlework, has been dormant

Thunderbolt - once huge by SSS standards, this shop only has one member, Aryaan, left