Alpha Centauri is an old ᐁ shop owned by Knight. It once published the Regulus magazine. It also had a website , which was shut down due to lack of interest.

Alpha Centauri was, at one point, one of the top 5 ᐁshops, holding 2nd place.


Alpha Centauri was started round 2009, when the owner, Arun, went to visit Thekambattu.

Since then, it has been working quite a lot - inventing a whole variety of products, such as AlphaCopyCo, AlphaInsurance and AlphaComics - and building two websites. In the first 2 years of its profession, it went very into comics, inventing Oinker, Barko, The Lord of the Dinosaurs, Coco and Tom-and-Jerry Reborn.

A few years back, Regulus , the third ᐁ magazine, was started by it. However, in 2011, due to the owner going to Rishi Valley School, its activity dropped drastically, with Alpha Centauri being temporarily closed and Regulus shutting down. In this period of time, other shops, such as Callisto, Candor Chasma, Balaji and Arceus became more active.

The ReturnEdit

After two years of dormance, Alpha Centauri has risen again, with a sensational product: AlphaMedia. This includes a lot of computer games and movies made single-handedly by the owner. The games are programmed in Java and cost about 50 $$$ or so each, while the movies cost about 30 $$$ each.

Currently, one game(Battleships) and about three movies have been made.

Depending on the success of AlphaMedia, Alpha Centauri may or may not become a major shop once again.

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