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Alpha CopyCo was a company started by Alpha Centauri in September 2009 as a response to the increased trend of patenting everything. The main feature of Alpha CopyCo was that it was allowed to copy items even if they were patented. So people could hire them if they wanted to copy copyrighted items. Alpha Centauri's main motivation to start Alpha CopyCo was that it wanted to get into the patent business, then being monopolized by Dracoshop and Vallis Marineris. Finally, Alpha Centauri was allowed to join the club and become another patent-company, so they Alpha CopyCo was shut down within a month of its starting.


After Vallis Marineris and Dracoshop started their patent companies in 2009, Alpha Centauri had wanted to start its own patenting company. However, Vallis Marineris had patented patenting-companies, so Alpha Centauri was not allowed to start its own. That was why it thought up the plot of Alpha CopyCo.

On 2 September 2009, Alpha Centauri sent a message to Dracoshop and Vallis Marineris asking them to patent "Alpha CopyCo". Alpha Centauri said it would explain what Alpha CopyCo was after they got the patent. The patent was soon approved, with Alpha Centauri paying a fixed price of ᐁ2 to get it patented.

On 9 September, Alpha Centauri explained the true purpose of Alpha CopyCo: to circumvent patents. Alpha CopyCo was allowed to legally copy patented items without asking permission from the original patent holder. Alpha Centauri then announced that it had hired Alpha CopyCo to copy the (patented) idea of patent-companies, and had thereby started its own patent-company. So Alpha Centauri was now able to patent its own products without having to pay any fees to its two competitors.

Dracopatents then retaliated by introducing a new patent symbol, "Cannot be copied even by Alpha CopyCo". However, Vallis Patentis saw that this was going to go into and endless loop, and ordered Alpha Centauri to pay ᐁ4 per month for every month it wanted to continue.

Dracoshop then suggested to Alpha Centauri that it could just ask for permission to start its own patenting company. Permission was granted by Dracoshop on 21 September, and by Vallis Marineris a few days later. Alpha Centauri shut down Alpha CopyCo soon after.