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The ᐁbank keeps your money safe. To create a bank account, you need to go to the current bank owner and make an entry in the bank-book.

The ᐁbank is the main bank for SSS, and it is the one that is allowed to print notes. However, now there are also lots of smaller banks being started up by other companies. You can see the list of other banks at the "Banks" category page on this wiki..

Once you have a bank account, you can also pay people using cheques instead of giving the cash.

Right now, Eesha (Callisto) is managing the bank. If you would like to manage it at some point, add your name to the poll below (you need to go to Source mode in th editor).


The ᐁ bank used to give interest, but it has stopped now.

It started givng interest because there were too many people in the ᐁ game and not enough money. But now there is too much money and not enough people! Former bank manager Pulippo (Ares Vallis), was thinking of setting up a new interest system, where the poor people get more money than the rich people, but nothing has been decided yet.

Electronic Bank Management[]

Dracosoft is writing a program to manage the ᐁ bank, called PySA, or Python SSS-bank Application. It is written using the Python programming language. It is still far from complete.


NOTE: PySA development has now been discontinued. Cheetasoft, the successor to Dracosoft, is willing to continue development whenever any banker requests it.