• Manasa Kashi

    A Month In

    September 27, 2015 by Manasa Kashi

    "Hey Manasa, I heard you're taking another round of orders for truffles?", asks a boy.

    "Yeah, do you want?", I ask back.

    “Yup. Put me down for five chocolate truffles", he replies.

    This is a conversation almost identical to the ones I've had with about ten other people over the last few days. On one hand, I'm pleased to be getting this many orders; I'll probably reach hundred SSS by next week. On the other hand, I wish I could have a normal conversation with somebody again. "So, what do you sell?", “Are you in SSS", and "Have you got what I ordered?" seem to have replaced the previously used "Sup", "What's up" and "How's it going?". 

    At lunch, I ask another girl if I can borrow one of her books. “It’ll cost you 5 SSS”, she replies.

    I’m a little…

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  • Manasa Kashi

    The Lottery Night

    September 27, 2015 by Manasa Kashi

    It's 9 o’clock. Most people are done with their studies. I sit on my bed, trying to complete an order of purses that is due tomorrow.

    Amogh and Jalen burst through the door, in typical Amogh and Jalen style.

    “We’re having a lottery!” they announce. My interest is piqued. Although I know that, strictly speaking, a lottery is not ‘really’ SSS, I still go along.

    “One ticket is 2 SSS, and ... um, the prize is 25 SSS.”

    I’m in! I buy a ticket. My friend buys nine. I don’t see how it’ll help as it will greatly reduce their earning. I go back later and buy another ticket. People are pretty invested in this lottery.

    I can still hear people talking about prices as I fall asleep that night.

    There is a buzz the next day. Everybody has heard about the lotter…

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  • Manasa Kashi

    SSS In CFL

    September 26, 2015 by Manasa Kashi

    People all over school are talking about SSS. About eight new shops have sprung up in the short period of two days. Two days after what? you may ask. 

    Two days after the presentation by Hippo about SSS. At the time, there had been me, a fresh SSS-ian of two days, Dyuti, who had been around for months, and Pragnya, who was visiting at that time. By evening, there were five more. 

    The presentation had been in our full-school Assembly time by Hippo, who was helped by Dyuti. It had made quite an impact. Actually, even before the presentation, there had been a buzz about SSS. I guess the presentation only fuelled it.

    The trading started out harmlessly enough, with people selling matchbox guns, jewellery and clothwork. We traded during free time. I…

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  • Badri (Hippo)

    Inactive Wiki

    October 8, 2012 by Badri (Hippo)

    There hasn't been much new activity in this wiki recently. I think this is because, most people ignore the wiki because it doesn't have much information in it.

    But why doesn't it have much information in it? Because nobody's adding the information! Why isn't anybody adding the information? Because nobody's visiting the wiki. Why isn't anybody visiting the wiki? Because it doesn't have much Information in it...

    We get into an endless loop.

    So we need to find out some way of breaking out of this loop and getting the information added. Maybe we should all make it a point to try and add or edit at least one page every month. As more people do this, the wiki will get more filled with information, encouraging more people to join...

    The wiki is suppose…

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  • Badri (Hippo)

    ᐁ symbol

    March 16, 2012 by Badri (Hippo)

    The SSS symbol has changed again, hopefully for the last time. It is now ᐁ (you need to have the cueniform font installed on your system to see it). This looks almost like the real symbol, except that in the real symbol, the line extends over the numbers. So if you write ᐁ100, then the line will extend over the "100".

    To write the ᐁ symbol in Ubuntu, you can press Ctrl-shift-U and then write 1401 and press Enter.

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  • Badri (Hippo)

    SSS stamp

    October 6, 2011 by Badri (Hippo)

    Dracoshop and Candor Chasma have created a new symbol for SSS. Candor Chasma is going to make a new stamp which uses the new symbol.

    The symbol is just the V with the line on top. When writing, the line extends till the end of the text. So if you are writing 340$$$, the line will extend until until the 0. For the computer we can use one of ⊽. So instead of writing 340$$$, you now can write ⊽340.

    The stamp hasn't been made yet, but it'll (hopefully) be done soon.

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