Celeste was started by Manasa during the Big Boom in CFL . Manasa is also the editor of Snipette , the Sirius supplement, and has started "The SSS Pages ", a paid product catalogue.

About Edit

Celeste was a very active shop from its beginning, until 26/11 . After that, the shop was dormant for almost six months. It started again in July 2015. It is also the company that runs "The SSS Pages", the Triton Trade Booth cum product catalogue. Snipette, the Sirius supplement is run by this company as well.  

The owner, Manasa, has also been quite active in working to make new rules in SSS and was among the first members of SIC.  


Celeste was started in late 2014 by Manasa. She found out about SSS from Hippo, who was studying in the same school, CFL , at that time. This was during the Big Boom in CFL. It originaly sold food, but soon added a host of other, non-edible, products to the list. 

 Products and ServicesEdit

Celeste originally sold a variety of products including terracotta earrings, keychains, chocolates, candles and cloth purses. In July 2015, the shop restarted for the first time since 26/11 after revamping its product list and publications. It now sells pens, bookmarks, candles, and  purses among other things such as jewellery. It also offers a variety of services including turning your old notebook into a file and helping set up shops.  

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