Cheetaplaza was originally called Acinonyx jubatus, which is the scientific name of the cheetah But people found it difficult to remember the name Acinonyx jubatus, so it was changed to Cheetaplaza. The Cheetaplaza logo is CP morphed to look like a cheetah's face.

This name change also helped in the conversion of other sub-companies that were earlier still under Dracoshop and never got changed when Acinonyx jubatus replaced Dracoshop. These sub-companies, like Dracoplanes, Dracostones, Dracospace, etc. could now use the Cheeta- prefix instead of Draco-, like Cheetaplanes, Cheetastones, Cheetaspace, and so on.

Cheetabank was named before Cheetaplaza; it was named when the parent shop was Acinonyx jubatus. Then the name Cheetaplaza was made up based on Cheetabank.

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