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When you get a bank account, you can ask for a debit card. When you get it, you will need to make a PIN,a secret number, like a password, and tell it to the banker, who will write it in the bank-book.Do not tell the PIN to anyone (except the banker). It can be used to withdraw money from your account.

How to use a Debit-Card to pay a shop[]

  1. You choose what to buy.
  2. you tell the shop owner.
  3. the shop owner take a bit of paper and a pen.
  4. you write your signature (as on bank) and/or your PIN (secret code) which you chose when you got the debit card.
  5. write your bank account number on the paper.
  6. seal the paper.
  7. The shop owner writes the amount you need to pay.
  8. the money goes from your bank account to the shop's bank account when the shop gives the paper to the bank.

How to accept a Debit-Card[]

To accept a debit-card,you need:[]

  1. Paper
  2. Pen
  3. Tape (to seal)

How to do it:[]

  1. you give the paper and pen to the customer.
  2. Give tape to the customer.
  3. write the amount (s)he needs to pay you on the sealed up paper.
  4. give all the sealed papers you got that day to the bank.
  5. the bank will transfer the money from the customer(s)' account(s).

How to withdraw money using a debit-card[]

  1. Show the debit-card to the banker, and tell him/her your PIN and how much money you want to withdraw.
  2. Take the money.