Deesha's Meeting, also known as the Meeting of 10/11, is a meeting held by Creative Cookie owner Deesha Jeppu on 10 November 2014 during the Big Boom crisis in the school CFL. The meeting attempted to address the problems surrounding SSS that had arisen, including theft, forgery, sale of illegal products, and general breakdown of the CFL community. The meeting area was organised to be a "teacher-free" zone where SSSians could freely talk to each other, as they felt people would be more open about their problems if there were no adults around. The meeting was termed a "reasonable success" at the time; however it soon became clear that people were going back to their old ways and not sticking to the decisions made in the meeting. The SSSians who actually made an effort to fix things were a small minority, and were helpless to control those who were only in SSS for the money and power it gave them.

The meeting did not solve the problems, which eventually led to the Ban of 26/11, but it did represent an attempt by genuinely concerned SSSians to sort out the problems. One side-result of the meeting was the drafting of the Crisis Plan Bill in 2015. This bill was drafted as a direct response to the outcome of the 10/11 meeting. The bill is based on the idea that nobody in CFL had enough authority to make the others listen to them. If passed, it will give people like Deesha the official backing of the Bank, and authority to actually make a difference in times of crisis.

Issues discussed in the meetingEdit

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