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"Eesha's banknotes" or "Eesha's notes" is the term commonly used to refer to the new SSS banknotes introduced by the Bank during the Banker term of Eesha (Callisto) in 2013-14. The main reason behind the new notes was to make SSS notes look nicer.


The new banknotes were announced on the SSS Google Group on 21 Apr 2013. Before this SSS notes used to simply be a handwritten number on a note-sied piece of paper. The Bank made clear that the old SSS notes would still be considered valid, the only motivation for people to switch to the newer ones being to have nicer-looking notes.


The new SSS notes, with illustrations, were released in the following denominations:

  • 1 SSS
  • 10 SSS
  • 50 SSS
  • 100 SSS

A 5-SSS note was not introduced at that time, but it was later released by Pragnya (Candor Chasma) during her Banker term, as it was considered very helpful during cash transactions.

The following denominations were being used both traditionally using stones and on the old SSS notes; however they were not upgraded as the were considered unessential:

  • 2 SSS
  • 5 SSS (later reintroduced by Pragnya)
  • 30 SSS

VSS and MSS notes were not upgraded. The reason was that MSS was not used much anyway as people rarely made such big payments. The Banker was planning for releasing VSS in coin form, but they never figured out how to do it. According to the official announcement:

We are also attempting to make V$$$ [sic] coins, but we aren't sure whether it'll work out.

The old MSS and VSS notes were still in circulation however, until they were officially devalued by the next Banker Pragnya (Candor Chasma) in 2014.


Despite the fact that they were not mandatory, most shops were eager to start using the new notes. Cheetabank advertisements soon appeared in the media, announcing that they had now started giving out the new notes, while other shops were already posting their cash to the SSS Bank to be replaced by the new notes. The only complaint was the fact that 5-SSS notes were not available; this was remedied by Pragnya (Candor Chasma) when she (as Banker) reintroduced them with the new design in 2014. Though the old notes are still valid, shops still prefer being paid with the new ones.