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A flipper is a type of plane made by Vallis Marineris. It was originally just created randomly, but then it became a great hit and soon everyone was buying flippers.

A flipper is coloured on both its wings, and in the middle it has a picture of a dragon, either a Frost or a European. The blue and pink ones are Frosts, and breathe out frosty blasts. The others, the Europeans, breathe out fire.

Flippers are patented under (by)(ↄ) MNP ᐁ2 by Vallis Marineris, which sells the flippers for ᐁ1 each.

Letter Flippers[]

Afters the flippers' success, Vallis Marineris made a variation called Letter Flippers, which are like flippers, except that the inside is blank, so you can write messages and the fly the flipper to whoever the message is for. The flame (or frost) is also modified to make it easy to write the gift recipient's name on it. Letter Flippers are under the same patents as Flippers, except that the MNP is 1.4 instead of 2, making it cheaper than AVPS .

Contests and freebies[]

Flippers are now Vallis Marineris ' most-sold product. They are so popular that now Vallis Marineris has decided to give some of the money (ᐁ30 each) free to all people who own flippers of a randomly-chosen colour and dragon-colour. Additionally, all people with the chosen flipper-colour, regardless of the dragon colour, will get ᐁ3 each.

Vallis Marineris has now made its hundredth flipper, which it is going to give as a prize , along with ᐁ100, to the maker of the best ᐁinvention in 2012-2013.