$$$ Wiki

There are many ways you can start a shop:

Buy a shop from Ares Vallis[]

  1. Go to Ares Vallis and ask for a shop.
  2. You will get 3 stones, which you need to sell for 12$$$ each.
  3. When you have got 12$$$, you need to give it to Ares Vallis as payment for the shop.
  4. Then, you can sell the other stones and get enough money to start off.

Start from scratch[]

  1. Make a sign for your shop.
  2. Make some stuff to sell.
  3. Open you shop.

Buy a shop from another company[]

A lot of companies like Cheetaplaza and Vallis Marineris are now selling shops. But you'll need some money to buy them. You can get money by sending articles to magazines or something. Or, you can buy a shop, sell off the stuff and then pay the company. The problem with this is that nowadays the stuff are patented with the ⇴ (resell), so you'll have to resell whatever you get with the shop (except the sign, of course).