The Nesting Grounds is considered the birthplace of SSS. It is a rock in Thekambattu where Lavanya and her friends were creating rock-gardens when she got the idea of starting a shop. This shop turned out to be the first shop in SSS. Later, when people visiting the Nesting Grounds joined SSS, they too could choose a patch to open up their shop. This is also the place where the physical Bank was located, before SSS switched to paper money and the Bank could fit inside a handbag.

Nowadays, there are so many shops that the Nesting Grounds won't have enough place to accommodate all of them. Also, a lot of shops nowadays don't have a fixed place to set up and display their products. However, the traditional locations are still preserved so the shops can be opened up in their original places when their owner happens to be visiting the Nesting Grounds.

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