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Most of these patents are modifications of Creative Commons patents.

Patent Companies

There are three patent companies - Dracopyrights by Dracoshop, Vallis Patentis by Vallis Marineris and Alpha Patents by Alpha Centauri. When you patent an item, it only gets patented if all three companies agree to patent it.

Patent Symbols

Here is the list of patent symbols used by Dracopyrights, Vallis Patentis and Alpha Patents:

☺ or Ⓑ or (by):

This patent is called Attribution. It means you can give this or copies of this to other people, but you must give credit to the person who made the original one (or who patented it).

⦿ or ⨁ or (ↄ):

This patent is called ShareAlike. It means you can give out copies of this, but you have to sell them with the same conditions that you got them with. If you don't use this patent, and just use, fro example, ☺, then the person who buys it from you has to give credit, but (s)he can sell it to someone else without the☺ patent.

Ⓢ or (nc):

This patent is called NonComercial. It means you cannot use this product or any copy of this product to get money.

① or ② or (dc):

This patent is called DoNotCopy. It means you can use this product, but you cannot make copies of it.

⊛ or (pp):

This patent is called PayForYourProfit. It means if you get money using this product, you have to pay 20% of it to the person who patented it. If the amount is something other than 20,%, it will be written as ⊛30% or ⊛9$$$ or sometihing.

⇴ or (→) or (->):

This patent is calles Resell. It means you HAVE TO resell this product. The ⨁ patent does not apply to this patent, but if an item has other patents, those patents have to stay. For example, if you get an item with the patent ☺⨁⇴, then you can resell with either a ☺⨁⇴ patent or a ☺⨁ patent. If you get an item patented with ⨁⇴, then you can resell with either a ⨁⇴ patent or a ⨁ patent.


This patent is called PlanePatent. It means ☺⨁.

Patents that have to be used alone

These patents have to be used alone. If you use them, you cannot put any other patent.

⍟ or (pd):

This means "this item is not patented". It is used so that buyers don't go around looking for the patnet symbols when there are none!

© or (c):

This patent is called FullCopyright. It means ☺⨁①Ⓢ.