Proportional Pricing is a system used by Cheetaplaza which sets prices based on the amount of work it takes to make a product.

This was already happening anyway, but when ᐁ first started, people weren't so rich so prices had to be kept down so people could afford to buy the products. However, after the bank started giving interest, the prices didn't go up to keep up with the peoples' income but stayed at the old rate. The result of this was that nobody bothered to make anything new because they all had enough money to buy what they wanted. So there wasn't any buying and selling going on, and what's the point of ᐁ without any buying and selling?

Proportional Pricing is Cheetaplaza's attempt to solve this problem by increasing the prices to keep up with the amount of money in circulation. The prices are based on a 2012 study conducted by Vallis Marineris and Cheetaplaza .

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