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Sirius is a magazine by Cheetaplaza. It is one of the most popular ᐁmagazines. In fact, it's almost become more well-known than ᐁ itself!


At first, Sirius was just a name, invented by Hippo in January 2009. He was wondering what to make it, and then finally made it a shop that sold space-toys. He then decided to also let it start a newspaper.

However, nobody wanted to subscribe to the newspaper. So it changed into a daily magazine, with a very low subscription rate (ᐁ6 for 7 issues). When it got its first subscriber, it couldn't manage to post on issue every day, so it became weekly instead of daily.

After some time it had issues with printing frequently, so it became fortnightly, sprang back to weekly and then finally it now seems to have settled down as fortnightly.


Sirius was the first ᐁmagazine, but it wasn't the only one for long. Almost as soon as Sirius started, Chutty, owner of Vallis Marineris and also the first Sirius subscriber, started another magazine, at the same rate as Sirius (ᐁ6 for 7 issues), called CATS, named after the space-agency.

CATS and Sirius ran alongside each other for a long time, and in fact the two owning shops had started exchanging subscriptions instead of paying each other. The magazines never ran out of ideas, since they could always borrow from each other. Neither of them ever had a late issue (perhaps there were one or two exceptions), and the issues usually came early. But after some time, Chutty had to start going to Rishi Valley, so CATS had to shut down. Then, Sirius became the only magazine, so people only heard of it.

There was also a brief period of another magazine, Regulus, but this also shut down soon after. Now Sirius and Aldebaran are the only two magazines left running.

Sirius became so well-known that a lot of people (adults mainly) didn't realise that it was part of ᐁ. They thought it was just a stand-alone magazine. This caused a problem, because it created a lot of people in ᐁ whose only purpose in life was to subscribe to Sirius. Or, as the Sirius editor put it, "Kids take ᐁ seriously. Adults take ᐁ Sirius-ly."