The Big Boom is the term used to refer to the boom of activity in CFL during late 2014. This explosion of shops lasted a few months and was abruptly cut short by the Ban of 26/11. The Big Boom was not necessarily a good thing as people were using SSS for other things than what it is meant for. 

Timeline of Events Edit

22 Oct 2014 – Hippo (Cheetaplaza) and Dyuti (Spectra), with some help from Abhay ( Kolaveri Kadai ) give an Assembly presentation in CFL. This is followed by a major leap in the number of SSSians over the following week. 

10 Oct 2014 – Popo, a hazaarpati who has been inactive up till now, starts distributing his cash to random people. This creates an easy entry point even for people who are not very serious about wanting to join SSS. 

People become desperate to get SSS notes by any means possible, and some incidents of note-theft occur. People start using the bank (Cheetabank) as a safe place for their notes, but notes start getting stolen from there, too. 

People start selling food and the use of items, such as a book or movie, is being charged for. 

There is a brief lull in activity, as people go through a phase of not spending.

After this comes the main explosion of business. But by now, people have begun selling other things, such as Icebreakers and crisps for SSS.

10 Nov 2014 – Recognizing that the situation is getting out of hand, and following rumours that CFL's teachers are going to impose a ban on SSS, Deesha (Creative Cookie) calls a meeting of all CFL's SSSians to review the situation. Some decisions are made about the main concerns such as note-theft and the selling of food, but some people continue to disregard the decisions after the meeting is over.

26 Nov 2014 – Teachers officially call an all-school Open Forum to "discuss" the situation. This ends in the teachers pushing for a complete ban on all SSS note-circulation within CFL.

The Open Forum results in the Ban of 26/11, putting an abrupt end to SSS activity. After this, most people leave SSS.

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