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The Triton Trade Booth was created by Eesha (Callisto owner) in 2012. It was meant to be a place where people can exchange their items without necessarily having to use SSS. People could add their products to the Triton Trade Booth, and offer to exchange them with someone else's products. Once both people agreed, Triton would oversee the exchange to make sure that both sides got their products safely. For this service, they charged a small fee (1 SSS per product[1]), which is where they got money to continue running.

The original Triton, run by Callisto, has now been shut down, but another implementation of the Triton idea is being run by Celeste as part of the SSS Pages.


The Triton Trade Booth started at a time when there was not much SSS activity happening, so it never got fully into action. When Callisto's activity dropped temporarily around 2013, the Triton Trade Booth was shut down along with other services such as Aldebaran which got suspended.


When Callisto went back into activity in mid-2014, Eesha reconsidered Triton and decided that she would be unable to restart it. However, she still felt the idea was too good to be wasted. So she released the TTBT (Triton Trade Booth) Blueprint, describing her ideas for how to run the Triton Trade Booth. The Blueprint was released to the public, in the hope that anyone interested can easily take on the running of Triton. The idea was successful, because the idea was taken on by Manasa (Celeste), in the form of the SSS Pages.

Blueprint contents[]