There hasn't been much new activity in this wiki recently. I think this is because, most people ignore the wiki because it doesn't have much information in it.

But why doesn't it have much information in it? Because nobody's adding the information! Why isn't anybody adding the information? Because nobody's visiting the wiki. Why isn't anybody visiting the wiki? Because it doesn't have much Information in it...

We get into an endless loop.

So we need to find out some way of breaking out of this loop and getting the information added. Maybe we should all make it a point to try and add or edit at least one page every month. As more people do this, the wiki will get more filled with information, encouraging more people to join...

The wiki is supposed to be a place where people go if they don't understand something about ᐁ. It's meant to be the primary source of information. So before asking anybody else about something, please look it up in the wiki. Even if you don't find the info you want, you could create an empty page, and then someone who has the information can fill it up.

And remember that while browsing the wiki, if you find that you know something not mentioned on the page, then edit it and add it to the page yourself! After all, that's how most of the wiki was probably written anyway.

The wiki is meant to be by the people, for the people. But how are we supposed to do that if we don't have any people?

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