It's 9 o’clock. Most people are done with their studies. I sit on my bed, trying to complete an order of purses that is due tomorrow.

Amogh and Jalen burst through the door, in typical Amogh and Jalen style.

“We’re having a lottery!” they announce. My interest is piqued. Although I know that, strictly speaking, a lottery is not ‘really’ SSS, I still go along.

“One ticket is 2 SSS, and ... um, the prize is 25 SSS.”

I’m in! I buy a ticket. My friend buys nine. I don’t see how it’ll help as it will greatly reduce their earning. I go back later and buy another ticket. People are pretty invested in this lottery.

I can still hear people talking about prices as I fall asleep that night.

There is a buzz the next day. Everybody has heard about the lottery. By the snippets of conversations I hear, I can tell that many more people have bought tickets as well. I can only guess how many more people will buy tickets by Friday, when the picking will take place…



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