Two Days After 

People all over school are talking about SSS. About eight new shops have sprung up in the short period of two days. Two days after what? you may ask. 

Two days after the presentation by Hippo about SSS. At the time, there had been me, a fresh SSS-ian of two days, Dyuti, who had been around for months, and Pragnya, who was visiting at that time. By evening, there were five more. 

The presentation had been in our full-school Assembly time by Hippo, who was helped by Dyuti. It had made quite an impact. Actually, even before the presentation, there had been a buzz about SSS. I guess the presentation only fuelled it.

The trading started out harmlessly enough, with people selling matchbox guns, jewellery and clothwork. We traded during free time. It was still just a game.

Then came the food. Cupcakes for four SSS. Fudge for 2 SSS. A spoonful of pudding for .5 SSS. So cheap by today's standards, but back then, something only a select few could afford.

People were poor. When I got to forty SSS, I was considered rich. It was a time when most people only had about ten. Buisnesses boomed. I got caught up in the moneymaking. I began selling truffles, sort of chocolates. I took orders and made large batches every weekend, peaking at 60 orders at one time. I suppose they were my real claim to fame. I bacame the second CFL SSS-ian to make a hundred SSS. 

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